As is well known to most believers who yearn for the unity of the Church, Christians celebrate Easter on different dates. Each year, Christians continue to celebrate the most important mystery of the Christian Faith - Christ's death and resurrection. In countries where Christians from different denominations live side by side, non-Christians must ask themselves whether the Christians are really serious about their message of reconciliation, love and unity of heart.

This is why a group of Christians from different denominations presented on this page have taken the initiative to create a web page whose sole purpose it is to call for a unification of the Dates of Easter.

Mending this flagrant manifestation of disunity is not a matter of difficult doctrinal discussions. It is a matter of secular calendar dates. However, we believe it may be one of the most powerful steps toward deeper healing of memories, reconciliation and reunion.

We ask you to make a special effort toward the unification of the Dates of Easter this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We ask you to do so through your prayers - and by signing the petition. If you have already signed it kindly encourage others to do so by signing the petition on-line or by printing the Petition Kit and bringing it along to ask others in your communities to sign it and then add their signatures online.

Let us really make a concrete change toward the reunion of the Dates of Easter - toward the reunion of the Body of Christ, so that the world may believe.
In recognition of your generous efforts we thank you and send you our most cordial greetings in Christ,

Niels Christian HvidtNiels Christian Hvidt

“What finer purpose for theology than seeking Christian unity?”

Theologian, Denmark

Fr Tony Sullivan

Spiritual Direction / Content, England

Fr Vincent Cosatti

“may they be so perfected in unity that the world will recognize that it was you who sent me (Jn 17, 23)
The world must see concretely that unity is a sign that we live the commandment of Love.”

Translations coordinator, Switzerland

Carol Chamberlain

“My inspiration to get involved came from my desire to have and be able to practice Christianity, existing as undivided and one, as alluded to in John 17, 23.

The importance of Christian Unity has been reinforced to me over the last 15 years though God's prophetic Call to Unity and reconciliation of the Divided Church, His Mystical Body, through instruments such as Vassula Ryden, Myrna, and to an extent, Chiara Lubic.”

Content Author, Scotland

Sara Annunziata

Graphics, USA

Alistair MacneilAlistair Macneil

“It is a privilege to be involved in taking a step towards something Jesus wants, Unity.”

Web Developer, Scotland